American Idol Schedule (Or, How To Forget Tonight’s Episode)

We’re just going to pretend tonight (and its ‘Contagion’ theme) never happened, OK? Instead, let’s focus on the future! Here’s what we can look forward to in the coming weeks: Wednesday, Feb. 15: Third and final night of Hollywood Week … Continue reading

Brand New Interview With Haley Johnsen on Fox News!

Eeep! Here’s a brand new 3-minute-plus interview with Haley on Fox News, on the eve of her return to Hollywood! Click here to watch the video: Beaverton singer headed to Hollywood on ‘Idol’ Of course, we know that she’s heading back … Continue reading

The Portland Conspiracy: Why Haley Johnsen’s Audition Wasn’t Shown

Brittany Zika vs. Haley Johnsen

In retrospect, we probably shouldn’t be surprised that Haley’s audition wasn’t shown during last night’s episode. American Idol producers almost always favor a good sob story or gag audition over normal, well-adjusted people with talent, plain and simple. Still, this … Continue reading