How You Can Help Haley Johnsen: Part 2

Today’s tip on how you can help Haley Johnsen is a simple one, if you have Twitter. (If you don’t, we highly recommend getting it – it’s a great way to follow the American Idol action!)

Everyone knows what the hashtag (# symbol) is used for in Twitter, right? It can be placed before relevant keywords in your Tweets, and if enough people are placing it in front of the same word at the same time, that word (or phrase) becomes a Trending Topic. But hashtags can be useful for things besides creating Trending Topics. It can make keywords easier to find in a Twitter search, and many people perform these searches to see all the Tweets in a specific category… sort of like a live news report. For example, someone watching American Idol who wants to see what everyone else thinks about the show might do a search for #Idol or #AmericanIdol – basically allowing them to participate in a live nationwide conversation on the show.

How does this relate to Haley? Well, we’ve noticed some of you are already tweeting to your followers about her. That’s great, but if you’re like most normal people, you’ll only have a few hundred followers at most, so your Tweets won’t be reaching a very large audience.

IF, however, you include an #Idol or #AmericanIdol hashtag somewhere in your Tweets about Haley, everyone currently browsing Tweets in that category will see your Tweet… in other words you could be reaching an audience of THOUSANDS instead of hundreds, especially if you’re tweeting while the episode is airing! You can also include both hashtags if there’s enough room, and hashtagged words can be placed anywhere in the tweet, even tacked on at the end. For example:

Haley Johnsen just killed it onstage!!! She’s my pick! #AmericanIdol #Idol

So remember, whenever you’re tweeting about Haley, include the #Idol and/or #AmericanIdol hashtag to give your tweets a lot more impact. Also, keep an eye out for any other related hashtagged words that might be trending, since including a Trending Topic hashtag in your tweet will give it even more punch!

Lastly, tweet about Haley as much as possible… if you’re not driving your followers crazy, you’re not tweeting about her enough! An apology and explanation should be enough to get them to put up with you 😉