Brand New Interview With Haley Johnsen on Fox News!

Eeep! Here’s a brand new 3-minute-plus interview with Haley on Fox News, on the eve of her return to Hollywood!

Click here to watch the video: Beaverton singer headed to Hollywood on ‘Idol’

Of course, we know that she’s heading back today not for the Hollywood week round, which was already filmed this past December, but in preparation for the live shows… exciting!

Haley tells us a bit more about herself (for example, that she likes to sing a wide range of music, from Indie Pop to ‘Alternative Soul’), and reveals that her audition song was Brandi Carlile’s ‘The Story’ (the same song Brittany Zika auditioned with… confirming our theory). We even get to see footage from the moment that she got her golden ticket!!

Her confidence in front of the cameras is amazing, and makes us even more impatient to see her on American Idol… hopefully this Wednesday!