How You Can Help Haley Johnsen: Part 1

As we wrote in yesterday’s post, there are some quick and easy things you can do to help get an early buzz going about Haley Johnsen.

A good place to start is by posting on the Idol Forums. This site is where Idol fanatics gather to chat about Idol. A lot of them are experts on the show, so their opinion holds a lot of weight with their less Idol savvy friends. If they are talking up Haley, word will get around. Quite a few already have her down as a dark horse, and the feedback based on the little they’ve seen has been good… but the girls who’ve already had air time (or a previous following) are understandably getting a lot more attention. So, here’s what you can do to get more people interested in Haley:

Go register now (scroll downnnn, agree to the rules, and click on the Register button). Once you’re signed in, you can visit relevant topics and post things about Haley, to keep her name fresh in people’s minds. BUT there is one thing you must remember: there is a good way to post and a bad way, and if you do it the bad way you’ll just annoy the regulars. This will have the opposite effect of what we’re going for, so when you post, try to follow these guidelines:


  1. Don’t post spoilers in non-spoiler threads. In other words, don’t explicitly state that Haley is in the Top 24, unless the discussion is clearly about spoilers. If needed, you can say you saw her Road to Hollywood video, or just be vague.
  2. If you’re Haley’s friend or family member, don’t make it obvious that you know her – your opinion will immediately have less weight (in the minds of the forum members, obviously her friends and fam will think she’s awesome!).
  3. Don’t post things that have no relevance to the topic (e.g., posting “Go Haley! Haley’s the best!” everywhere). Try to offer something to the discussion, reply to what other people have said, and mention Haley in a way that makes sense.
  4. Don’t spam the forum! Meaning, don’t go posting a million irrelevant comments about Haley all over the place. Where you can think of something interesting and relevant to say, say it… once. And don’t think logging in with a different username will fool anyone.
  5. DO include links to pictures or videos of Haley. Or to this site as a general source of information 😉


Haley Johnsen Fan Thread
EVERYONE needs to hit up this thread and throw in their support for Haley. THIS MEANS YOU! If you do nothing else, do this: click reply at the bottom and say you’re a Haley Johnsen fan. Simple.

AI11 Female Contesants Fan Thread
I see a Haley fan has already been posting here. Well done! We need a lot more though. Read through the thread if you have time, to see what the discussion is about. Otherwise, just post some variation on “Haley Johnsen and (a couple more girls you like) are my favorites”, or “I’m really excited to see Haley, I think she’ll be great”, etc.

 AI11 Spoilers, TIP (TheIdolPad) Contestant Listing
Here it is open season on spoilers… make lists ranking the contestants with Haley at the top, or disagree with people who’ve put her at the bottom… talk her up in general, but again without sounding too obviously biased about it… try to be objective and you’ll be taken more seriously!

AI11 Song Options, Group Pairings, Standing Ovations
Again this is a spoiler thread. Here you can talk about how you can’t wait to see the Vegas group performance with Haley, and wonder about how she did in Hollywood.

From what I have seen, The Girls this Season. . . .
Here you can say something like “Definitely some diamonds in the rough… Haley Johnsen might be one”, or “From what I’ve been hearing, Haley Johnsen may be the dark horse/one to watch”, or “Haley Johnsen seems to have a unique sound compared to past female contestants”, etc.

American Idol 11’s Portland Auditions: “Was that serious?”
Here you can express your annoyance that they didn’t show Haley.

Basically, the more her name pops up, the more people will be curious about her, so just mentioning her is good… as long as your comment is not annoying or spammy! When discussion threads (topics) are updated, they move to the top of the list, so it’s good if you pop by every day or two and add another comment about Haley to one of them.

Alright, you have your homework for today… get posting!! And if you have any questions, or more ideas for forums/threads where it would be good to post about Haley, let us know in the comments.

Tomorrow Monday we will discuss the effective use of hashtags on Twitter, so if you have a Twitter account be sure to check back! (And if you don’t, now is a great time to make one!)


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