Hi, and welcome to the Haley Johnsen Fan Site! We hope you’re a Haley J fan already, but if you’re not, we think you will be once you’ve taken a look around and learned a bit about this talented girl!

What we are:

  • Fans and supporters of American Idol hopeful, Haley Johnsen. We think she has an awesome, unique voice, and is a cool and interesting person.

What we are not:

  • Haley’s friends or family members (so please don’t send us messages intended for her!).
  • Employees of American Idol or its affiliated companies.

What we want:

  • For Haley to do amazing and go far on this season of American Idol.
  • For this fan site to help spread information and buzz about her.
  • To give her fans a place to get together and talk about her Idol journey.

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