Haley Johnsen Rehearsing: NEW VIDEO!


Sorry, we’re temporarily speechless with admiration.

Someone has uploaded two videos of Haley Johnsen rehearsing. When and where were these videos recorded? We don’t know, although we’d guess they’re from right before the Portland auditions, since Brandi Carlile’s ‘The Story’ is what Haley sang for the judges. ‘Summertime’ was probably intended as her second/backup song, which she has said they didn’t even ask her to sing.

Anyway, this is all besides the point. The important thing is how absolutely incredibly amazing Haley sounds!!! (Even with the poor video quality and noise distortion).

But you don’t have to take our word for it… see for yourself!




No surprise she sailed through to the Top 24, singing these! And why oh why haven’t they shown her yet??!