Checking Out the Competition: The American Idol Top 12 Girls


OK, now that that’s out of the way…

It’s never too early to start thinking strategy, so we’ve decided to take a closer look at the leaked list of the Top 12 girls – aka Haley Johnsen’s competiton.

These are the girls who have reportedly survived elimination through the (pre-filmed) Hollywood Week, Las Vegas, and Sing For Your Life rounds. In the next few episodes, we’ll be shown parts of what happened during these rounds  – but not all. We may get to know some of these girls quite well, while others might barely be shown.

Then, on one night towards the end of February*, these twelve girls will all sing live. After this one performance, America will vote to choose just five of them to continue to the regular live performances, and the judges will throw in one or two more as wildcards. In other words, the number of girls you see below will suddenly and drastically be CUT IN HALF… after America has only seen them perform live ONCE. Scary, huh?

Read on to learn what you can do to make Haley stand out!

That’s a lot of faces, right? And they tend to all blend together… which brings us to the scariest Idol fact of all: come voting time, the contestants who got a lot of air time during the initial auditions, Hollywood Week and Las Vegas rounds will have an advantage over those who didn’t, since America is more likely to vote for people they’ve had time to connect with.

In this sense, Haley is already at a bit of a disadvantage: the general public (those who don’t read spoilers) have no idea who she is yet, whereas there is already a lot of buzz about some of the other girls whose auditions have aired. And buzz gathers momentum over time… the more time that passes between a contestant getting shown on TV and the first live voting round, the greater their chances of surviving that first crucial (and killer) cut.

It’s not all bad news of course. For one thing, plenty of contestants whose auditions weren’t shown have beaten the odds and gone on to win the Idol crown. For another, Haley’s Las Vegas group performance is pretty much guaranteed to be highlighted, since it is rumored to be the only one that received a standing ovation from the judges. Lastly, thanks to the early spoilers, there is already an unusual amount of talk and interest in Haley: she is being labeled the potential dark horse, and the night the Portland auditions aired, the Idol forums were full of (disappointed) people waiting to see her sing.

Still, if you’re a Haley fan, there are things you can do to help spread the word, before she gets even a second of air time. In the next few days, we’ll be sharing a few of these ideas – simple tips like which forums to post on, what to say, how to make your Tweets count, and so on.

This site is already receiving 200-300 visitors per day. Social media is powerful. If only half of you act on our suggestions, it’ll have a ripple effect and reach a much wider audience than you can imagine. So please, check back here over the next few days, and help make Haley the most anticipated contestant of the American Idol Season 11 Top 24!


*According to the American Idol Press Release, the live semifinal performances are supposed to air on February 28th and 29th. However, the schedule also had next Wednesday (February 8th) marked down as being an eighth audition episode, in Rutherford, New Jersey. Instead, they will skip Rutherford and go directly to Hollywood Week – a day early. Does this mean the live performances will also begin airing a week early (on February 23)? More likely, we will we get some kind of filler episode between then and now… or do the Idol producers have something entirely new and shocking planned?


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  1. I am really starting to warm up on Haley! I definitely see her being a dark horse and I just wanted to post here to let y’all know I’ll be visiting and to encourage you guys to keep up the good work here!

    I think Haley will make Top 13. I just know it.

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