A New Site For New Haley Johnsen Fans!!

Once again, we eagerly gather in front of our TV sets, on the off chance that the American Idol powers that be will come to their senses and introduce Haley Johnsen to the public tonight.

It may not be until tomorrow… but just in case it’s tonight we’ve got a new and permanent site up and running for the influx of new fans to come!

We’re still polishing things up and adding some features, but the important things are there, so please join us!

The new site address is haleyjohnsenfansite.org

This will be the last post to appear on this site… but we won’t be shutting it down right away, so take your time updating your bookmarks, etc. There may be a few (or a lot!) of kinks to iron out still, so please bear with us as we finalize the move!

Thank you for visiting, and thank you for your support of Haley!!

Oh, and here’s a new picture Haley tweeted yesterday – looking snazzy in sunglasses 😉

Haley Johnsen Sunglasses

We’re not sure if the new Twitter account she tweeted from is a personal one, a temporary one, or a new American Idol one, so we’re not posting the link yet… but as soon as we know we’ll post it at the new site!

Enjoy the show… fingers crossed!!!


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