The Portland Conspiracy: Why Haley Johnsen’s Audition Wasn’t Shown

In retrospect, we probably shouldn’t be surprised that Haley’s audition wasn’t shown during last night’s episode. American Idol producers almost always favor a good sob story or gag audition over normal, well-adjusted people with talent, plain and simple. Still, this year they’ve tended to buck the trend, avoiding the train wrecks and showing us a lot of great singers – including many of those who ended up in the Top 24.

So what happened with Haley? We watched, we waited… why didn’t they show her? Simple: a girl called Brittany Zika got in the way!

Brittany Zika vs. Haley Johnsen

Brittany Zika vs. Haley Johnsen: too much fedora for one show to handle.

Like Haley, Brittany auditioned in Portland. She loves Sara Bareilles (we bet Haley does too) and auditioned with Brandi Carlile’s ‘The Story’, which Haley has covered as well also sang at her audition. Like Haley, she has long blonde hair and bangs. Also like Haley, her clothing was striped, and she sported a fedora. And finally, like Haley, she has a pretty voice and folksy vibe.

Obviously, in the interests of variety, there was no way for the editors to include both Brittany and Haley’s auditions in one episode. But when it came time to leave one of them on the cutting room floor, how did they decide on keeping Brittany? Well, unlike Haley, Brittany looked… unusual. Probably not unusual for Portland, which is a cool, alternative city, but definitely out of the norm for Idol. And in Idoland, unusual is irresistible – especially when it is paired with a great voice for (supposed) shock value. But what must have really sealed the deal is the fact that Brittany TRIPPED. That’s right, ‘Tripster the Hipster’ (as her friends apparently call her) nearly landed flat on her face while stepping onto the audition platform… and nothing makes for good TV like a bit of slapstick humor, right? (Can you hear the sarcasm?)

We really can’t hold it against Brittany, cause she seemed nice and did sing well… so we’ll just hope Haley takes the note and “accidentally” trips the next time she’s on stage!

Just kidding 😛

Anyway, from what we’ve heard, Haley’s performance during the Las Vegas round will make her stand out based on talent alone.


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  1. I will keep watching to see Haley…She is so talented! I can’t wait to see her on Television. Come on American Idol….show your real talent!!!!

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