Haley Johnsen’s Road to Hollywood: VIDEO

Well, we may not have gotten to see her audition, but here’s Haley Johnsen’s Road to Hollywood video!

Haley claims to have been inspired to try out for American Idol by her family and friends, who always told her she could sing. When she heard the auditions were coming to Portland, she had no excuse not to, but didn’t think she’d get as far as she has!

She says the first time she really performed in front of an audience was when she sang ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ with a friend in front of their whole high school at a homecoming assembly.

She’s gone through many stages in her life where she was confused and didn’t really known what her calling was. She always knew she loved singing, but at first didn’t realize she was capable of being an artist, that she had the depth and “this little hidden Haley” inside of her that just needed to come out.

Her favorite American Idol contestant is Katharine McPhee, and her favorite Idol moment is when she first started watching American Idol eleven years ago, and saw Kelly Clarkson’s joy at winning.

According to Haley, she is the next American Idol because of her fun personality and realness, and because she is humble yet confident in her singing ability.

Sounds like the makings of a true Idol to us!


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