Get Excited for the American Idol Portland Auditions TONIGHT!

Tonight, the second to last audition episode of American Idol Season 11 airs, and the city they’re showing is the one we’ve been waiting for… Portland!

It’s been quite the wait. Originally, the Portland auditions were scheduled to air last Thursday, following the Aspen auditions. Instead, there was a last minute change and the Galveston, Texas auditions were shown. Why the switch? Who knows… but really, this is the last audition episode worth watching, since (spoiler alert) a grand total of zero hopefuls get through to the final 24 from Thursday’s auditions in Saint Louis, Missouri. And of course the SOLE survivor of the Portland auditions is Haley Johnsen!

According to Fox news, after the first day in Portland Steven Tyler said they were “still missing a special spark”, while by the second day the judges said “the Rose City made them proud”. Was Haley the one who finally brought them the spark they were looking for?

Watch tonight and hopefully this question – and more – will be answered! Go Haley!!!

Here’s a Fox News video report about the American Idol Portland auditions – including a couple of brief interviews with Haley! (At 00:30 and 02:12, and a few extra shots here and there – watch out for the straw hat 😉 ) Her parents Diane and Brian are also interviewed at 01:39.

She also appears for a split second in this video, at 00:52.