Download a Free Haley Johnsen Song!

Turns out Haley Johnsen has a free mp3 of an original song of a Christina Aguilera cover available for download from!! (Our bad – should’ve verified our sources!)

The song is called ‘Save Me From Myself’ and it does NOT disappoint! To steal a line from Jennifer Lopez… GOOSIES!

Nuff said… click here to listen for yourself and download now!

Ed. note: The song has since been removed from Apparently it was recorded many years ago and is not representative of Haley’s current vocal abilities… which means we are really going to be blown away when we finally hear her sing on Idol, cause she sounded great on the track!

Also, here’s a song called ‘Accept’ by a band named Heater, featuring some vocals by Haley (she comes in about half-way through):

Download link here.