Why a Haley Johnsen Fan Site?

We’re big fans of American Idol. We’re also big fans of American Idol spoilers. So, as the singing competition launched its 11th season this year, we began searching for information on who we should keep an eye out for in the auditions.

We found our spoiler list of the top 24 here, and of course began searching YouTube for videos of  the contestants. What we found was pretty dull and disappointing, especially where the girls were concerned… until we came across videos by a girl named Haley Johnsen. At first we though, “Another Haley? What are the chances she’ll be good too” (yes, we were also fans of last year’s spectacular third-place runner-up, Haley Reinhart). However, by the time we’d listened to her performance of Brandi Carlile’s ‘Dreams’, and seen her cover ‘Sir Greendown’ by Janelle Monae, we were hooked. Our fave for Season Eleven had been found! The specific videos referred to above have since been made private (according to standard Idol protocol – and more proof that Haley has made the top 24), but as America (and the world) will soon hear for themselves, her voice is something else! In the lower registers, she has an unusual, rich quality to her tone; her high notes meanwhile are crystal clear, and she can belt out the big notes and do delicate runs. Beautiful. We also dig her alternative, indie-chick style, and she seems to be a pretty cool and unique person.

The problem is, Idol voters have a long history of voting out the girls – especially the pretty girls – right away. And with so many blondes competing this year, we’re afraid Haley will be overlooked or lost in the shuffle, and be voted out before the top 12 (like another of our favorite Idols from a couple of seasons ago, Alex Lambert). Since this would make for a boring season and royally piss us off, and since we like making web pages, we decided to set up a fan page for Haley to get her name and face out there before the voting even starts.

We hope that after you see her auditioning in Portland this coming Wednesday (February 1st), you’ll have stumbled across this site looking to find out more about her, and find that information here. We also hope you’ll be converted into Haley J fans, and stop to chat awhile. In fact, the main purpose of this site, besides providing information on Haley, is to give you a place to talk and discuss her progress and performances throughout her Idol journey… everyone is welcome, as long as they stick to the rules below!


This fan site is meant to be a positive place dedicated to Haley, and comments will be moderated. This obviously means: no flaming other fans/commenters (be nice and love one another!), don’t swear (think of the children!),  and if you’re silly enough to think you’ll get away with saying something hateful or insulting to Haley on her fan site…. trust us, you won’t. But there’s one more thing: if you post something hateful about any of her American Idol competitors (or competitors from previous years), your comment will also be deleted. Saying you don’t like someone’s singing or style for personal reasons that you can express nicely is OK. Trashing them and insulting them and their character IS NOT. It only starts fan wars, and trust us, fan wars aren’t good for anybody, least of all Haley.

For us, the same applies: we promise not to publish anything unpleasant about Haley that we think she would rather keep private, or anything bad about the contestants in general. In other words, if you’re looking for dirt or nastiness, you’ve come to the wrong place – we’re all about sunshine, lollipops and rainbows! And music. And American Idol. And Haley Johnsen. So if you’re into those things too, and are looking for a friendly place to hang out and meet fellow Haley J fans, you’re in the right place! We look forward to meeting you and sharing news, views, and stories with you as Haley goes forward in the competition. Oh, and we almost forgot the most important part… VOTE FOR HALEY!!!

That’s it, you don’t have to read the rest of this post. Unless you’re planning to sue us, steal from us, or would like to help us. In which case, read on!


We are in no way affiliated with Haley Johnsen, her family, 19 Entertainment Ltd./CKX Inc., FOX, or FremantleMedia Inc. We are strictly an unofficial fan site, made by fans, so please don’t ask us for private information on Haley, or send us messages intended for her.

All attempts have and will be made to provide credit and links to original sources of all the material presented on this site. Images and photos (unless otherwise stated) are the property of the original owner and no copyright infringement is intended. If you are the owner of media found on this site and wish to request its removal, please contact us and we will comply immediately. In other words, please don’t sue us – we mean well and will do whatever you say!

On the other hand, text in pages, posts, the Haley Johnsen Biography, and any graphics so designated are original materials written/produced by us, and are subject to the copyright of this site, under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. This means that you are welcome to quote, reproduce in whole or modify our text and/or graphics, as long as you provide a clear link back to this site. If you copy and do not credit us, we will ask you nicely, once, to take the material down. Failure to do so will result in an immediate infringement of copyright complaint being placed against you with Google, so DON’T DO IT. It makes us mad.


If you have any suggestions, feature requests, or information to contribute, or would like to get involved in writing, graphics, or coding, please contact us!

Phew… done. Congrats for reading this far! Now go enjoy the site and learn about Haley!!


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  1. BIG HALEY JOHNSEN FAN!!! Very humble and talented young lady. We pray she will go all the way and fully represent the beautiful state of Oregon. Her mom is my really good friend and an amazing christian woman to boot 🙂 We are here for ya sweetie…

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