How to Contact Haley Johnsen

Here are several ways to contact Haley Johnsen. Please note that emailing us here at the fan site is not one of them! We don’t know Haley personally, and have no way of getting your messages to her. So please try one the methods below instead!

Someone has already made Haley a Facebook fan page and her mom has commented there several times, so if you have questions, it’s a good place to start! No doubt there’ll be others soon.

She also has a personal Facebook page (though she’ll be using an official one from Idol once the top 24 has been officially announced), a Google+ page, and a YouTube channel (on which sadly but predictably, all her performance videos have been made private). We’re still waiting to learn her official AI Twitter handle.

Fanmail can (eventually) be sent to:

Haley Johnsen
c/o American Idol
7800 Beverly Blvd, Suite 251
Los Angeles, CA 90036


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